Small World Cursed

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Hit a man while he's down Goblins conquer In Decline regions at one less cost, Kobolds aren't necessarily cowards, They just like to work in teams. It takes 2 Kobolds to occupy a region after you've conquered it Your people are now Cursed! Skip over this Special Power and you'll have to pay 3 coins, not the 1 that is usual The only thing better than conquering is Ransacking. Take 1 coin away from an opponent for every territory you conquer The Hordes are at the door. Add the 2 Hordes of tokens to increase the size of your active Race The moon is full and the Were-people are howling. At night (even-numbered turns) the Were- power lets you conquer all regions with 2 less tokens than normal, It's time for Double-Jeopardy! After an initial attack, Marauding forces get a second chance each turn to conquer even more territory.

Players 2 - 5
Age 12+

2 New Race banners and tokens
5 new Special Power badges
1 spare Race Banner
1 spare Special Power badge
1 spare Lost Tribe token